Monday, May 26, 2014

Using Point of Sale Hardware in the Cloud

I recently started a new venture that required the use of a USB Barcode Scanner and Credit Card Reader on a website with only Javascript to process them and found it's much easier to handle than one might think.

The first thing you need to understand is this: these USB devices act exactly like keyboards.

  • They scan your barcode/credit card
  • They transmit the scanned data via `keypress` events
  • Once data is finished and keyCode 13 is sent

Using those rules above I started a simple, yet effective POS plugin built for jQuery, which you are free to use, upgrade for your own needs or contribute to.

Learn more on the gitHub page:

Known Issues:

  •  Currently the plugin only supports devices which return a keyCode 13 at EOD
  • Currently the barcode scanning plugin by default only supports digit only barcodes, but allows Regular Expression options to support other types, if overridden by you


  1. hey nice work. however i need a bar code scanner that can scan words not digit but i don't know how to go about it. please if u can be of any help.

  2. I would suggest you open an issue in the github repo for more support.


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