Saturday, January 24, 2015

The best way to run your code online

I've been a huge enthusiast of the online code sandbox movement that has become so popular. It's a great way to share code with friends, answer questions on your favorite message board and test a quick hypothesis on the fly. However, this space has been dominated by apps that only cater to the front-end experience (HTML/CSS/JS) for too long.

Enter Runnable.

Runnable is the solution to many of your on the fly code testing and code sharing needs, all in the browser! They currently support the following languages/frameworks:

Not only do they provide these stacks in an easy to use manner for all you GUI users out there, but they even provide a terminal option that allows a VI Junky like myself to work in a comfortable environment.

Once you've written your code in the language of your choice, you are then free to compile/run your code and see the output instantly in your browser.

I highly suggest creating an account TODAY. You won't regret it. - Run your code online

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